Modern Skirmish Pictures

Modern Conflicts and Counter Insurgency

As part of my 2010 Modern Skirmish project I decided to take a few pictures of the 28mm US Regulars, Long Range Surveillance, and Delta troops that are already painted and ready to go.  All of the pictured miniatures below are 28mm and are a mixture of Gripping Beast Modern (Mo-Fo), and Devil Dog Studios.  The next three sets of miniatures pictured below were painted by Jeff Gatlin of Dansville Wargamers painting service.

28mm US Regular Army Troops

US Long Range Surveillance Troops

US Delta Force Troops

I also snapped a picture of my crashed Blackhawk helicopter and the downed pilots and crew that go with it.  Both helo and crew are from Britannia Miniatures Mogadishu 1993 line.  I picked these miniatures up from Combatpainter over at TMP.

Crashed US Blackhawk with pilots and crew

I will post more pictures later.  Enjoy.


~ by Captain Apathy on November 29, 2009.

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