Test Photos of Post Apocalyptic Terrain

This week I originally planned to post pictures of my Post Apocalyptic terrain pieces for my Fallout / Wastelands / Stalker projects.  Unfortunately, I had a number of issues with my camera and as a result most of the pictures I took were way too dark.  I was able to salvage two pictures so I am offering them up as a sample until I can get the technical and lighting bits figured out.  Until then here are pictures of two pieces to give you a feel for what I have in mind.

Both pieces were scratch built and painted by Peter Carlson.  Peter makes fantastic terrain out of different bits of… stuff that hes has laying around.   Half the fun of the terrain he makes (for me anyway) is figuring out what pieces he used and where they came from.  First up is a retro-futuristic car from Marx (I believe).

Next up is a ruined Bicycle Repair Shop that has been converted into a nifty post apocalyptic headquarters, or whatever.  I believe this was once a toy car wash, but I can’t be certain.  You may also notice that Peter has a thing for Russian posters and signs.  I think it gives his terrain a weird surrealistic vibe.

Again, my apologies if the pictures are a little dark.  I am still working on the proper lighting for taking pictures.  All part of the fun, right?


~ by Captain Apathy on December 5, 2009.

One Response to “Test Photos of Post Apocalyptic Terrain”

  1. These photos came out great!

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