Necromunda – Gangs of the Underhive

This week I decided to cheat a little and post pictures of my gangs for Necromunda.  My Underhive project was completed some time Summer 2009 and at the moment I don’t have any plans to add any more miniatures or terrain.  Of course an terrain I build for my Fallout / Wasteland project would work for Necromunda too.  So lets get started…

First up is my oldest gang House Van Saar, also known as Van Saar Black.  These miniatures were painted by a good friend of mine Don Hawthorne as a favor, and also to keep me from using bare metal minis on the game table.  This gang has seen more action than any other miniatures I own.  This gang has been both victorious and slaughtered on the battlefield throughout the years.  The most notorious incarnation of Van Saar Black was a campaign where the leader received Brain Damage as a serious wound, but had a high enough leadership to maintain control of the gang.  His battle cry became “Have you seen my baseball?” followed by a vicious attack with his meltagun.

Next up is my largest gang the outlaw Ratskins.  These were the first minis I commissioned to be painted by Pictors Studio.  The picture below includes the Ratskin hero Brakar the Avenger, who I found on ebay.  What I love about the Ratskins, aside from their ability to survive and avoid serious wounds, is  their versatility and use for other games.  That and they look cool.  I anticipate they will see a good bit of action in my Fallout / Wasteland games as scavengers, desert nomads, and savage villagers.

The next gang that I am also quite fond of is the outlaw Pit Slaves.  These are also versatile miniatures that will see use in other projects.  What I love about these guys is the custom Bull Gorg made for me by another good friend Faron Betchley.  If I remember correctly Faron sculpted this miniature for me as an experiment when he was just getting into sculpting 28mm miniatures.  This is a great example of Pictors Studios ability to match paint schemes.  I sent them the Pit Slave on the left, with the green hammer, and asked them to paint the rest along the same lines.  I think they did a fantastic job.

The next gang up is another good example of Pictors Studios ability to match paint schemes.  I sent them a half dozen painted Eschers I picked up on ebay and asked them to paint the rest of my bare metal minis to match.  Again, they did a fantastic job.

I am running a bit short on time so I will post pictures of the rest of my gangs below.  The vast majority of them were also painted by Pictors, with the odd ebay find mixed in.  Cheers.


~ by Captain Apathy on December 13, 2009.

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