Doctor Who – Round 3

This should be the last round of Doctor Who minis for a while, unless I manage to squeeze a game in.  Today’s post is about robot killers and killer robots.  Last time I posted pictures of my Cybermen, which included a Cybermat, so this time I am posting pictures of their arch enemies the Vogans.  The Vogans, from the planet of gold named Voga (duh…), appeared in the episode Revenge of the Cybermen and make nice opponents for the Cybermen instead of constantly hurling waves on UNIT troops at them.  These minis were painted by Jamie of Pictors Studio.

So much for the robot killers.  Now it is time for the killer robots and two of my favorite Doctor Who episodes.  First up are the killers from my all time favorite Doctor Who episode The Robots of Death.  Written by Chris Boucher, The Robots of Death felt like a mash-up of Dune meets Agatha Christie, with some fantastic low budget costume and set design.  There were two follow ups to the original episode, one in novel form (Corpse Marker) and the other in audio dramas (Kaldor City).  Neither were as good as the original episode but both added to the color and background of Kaldor City and the politics that surround the corporate world.  I decided to paint only one Super Voc, one Dum, and the rest all Vocs.  Oddly enough, these miniatures were painted by me.  See, I do paint some of my own minis.

Last up is another favorite episode of mine that also includes killer robots, The Pyramids of Mars.  This is another classic from the Tom Baker era.  I am looking forward to putting these guys to good use soon.  I also discovered the same people who developed the Kaldor City audio dramas also did one for The Pyramids of Mars titled The Judgment of Sutekh.  I haven’t listened to this one so I don’t know if it is any good or not.  However, I will leave you with this little tidbit from the same site, 34 Cool Things About “Pyramids of Mars” (And 16 Stupid Ones).  Enjoy.


~ by Captain Apathy on February 24, 2010.

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