Middle East Insurgents and Civilians

This week I decided to post pictures of my 28mm Middle East Insurgents and Civilians.  The Insurgents are a mixture of minis from The Assault Group (TAG) and Devil Dog Designs.  The miniatures from TAG are still available but unfortunately Devil Dog Designs is no longer in business.  I have heard rumors of the miniatures coming back into production, but nothing yet.  I picked these miniatures up already painted from Marcus over at 2085: Warlords of the Wasteland (aka Skank).  At least I think that’s right…

The Civilian miniatures are all from Eureka and come from two different sets, one Middle Eastern, the other Indian.  These I picked up from my friend Nigel Clark.  I did some touch up work on the paint and rebased them.

I am sure you have noticed the running theme that I don’t paint my own miniatures.  Given my limited amount of free time, I decided it was wiser to use that time gaming instead of preparing to game.  Whatever…


~ by Captain Apathy on June 10, 2010.

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