Russian and Neo-Soviet Troops

I decided this week to post pictures of my 28mm modern Russians and Neo-Soviet troops.  I also have pictures of several Russian and Soviet era support vehicles vehicles.  First up is a really cool set of miniatures I purchased from Paul over at Matakishi’s Tea House.  I drooled over these figures for years, so I jumped at the opportunity to pick them up when Paul decided to sell them.  Thanks Paul.  The miniatures are still available from Eureka Miniatures.  The vehicles on either side are 1:43 scale Russian die-cast purchased on ebay.  I believe the Jeep on the left is a SUV UAZ 469, and the truck on the right is a KAMAZ 6 x 6.

Next up are three 1:43 scale armored vehicles that were also purchased on ebay.  If I remember correctly from right to left they are a BTR 60, BRDM-2 Scout Car, and a T-55 Tank.

Last up is a set of 28mm Neo-Soviet from Copplestone Castings available as part of their Future Wars line.  I found these on ebay several years back and unfortunately have no idea who painted them.

All of these guys will probably be pressed into service for modern skirmish games as well as STALKER, Fallout/Wasteland and maybe even some zombie outbreak supression.  Thanks for looking.




~ by Captain Apathy on July 1, 2010.

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