Fallout 3 Post Apocalyptic Miniatures (updated)

(UPDATE) I took some advice from one of the forums I frequent and added an additional light source.  I think these new images are much better than the previous ones.  Enjoy.

I finally got around to taking pictures of my post apocalyptic miniatures for the Fallout/Wasteland project.  I will start with my Vault Dwellers freshly emerged from Vault 11.  These are the Official Inspectors miniatures from Heresy Miniatures.  I decided to use Vault 11 for two reasons.  First, the official cannon of the Fallout universe has not used 11 yet so it is fair game.  Second, it is a passing nod to the movie Spinal Tap.  “This vault goes up to 11.”

Then we have a trio of powered armor soldiers.  We will start with the largest unit, the Enclave.  The powered armor soldiers are Warzone Brotherhood Arch Primates with two EM4 Future War paramilitary troopers thrown in as officers.  In a pinch the saluting officer could be used as Colonel Augustus Autumn.  Its not a perfect match, but its close enough for me.  I have another miniature picked out for President John Henry Eden, but more on that later.

The second unit of powered armor soldiers are the Brotherhood of Steel with two versions of Elder Lyons.  These are Warzone Brotherhood Troopers, the original sculpts that were sold in a box set, and two different poses for Cardinal Dominic.

The third unit of powered armor soldiers are the Brotherhood Outcast.  These are the same miniatures as the Brotherhood of Steel pictured above.  The only difference is their armor has the red paint on it to signify their outcast status.  I am quite pleased at how all these turned out, thanks to Pictors Studios.  The only change I made was to paint the base color so the units could be easily distinguished on the table.

In the future I plan to add several post apocalyptic vehicles and characters to include the Six String Samurai, thanks to Brigade Games, and the Road Warrior, thanks to EM4 and a kitbashed V8 Interceptor.  Until then, enjoy the warm nuclear glow coming from the Wasteland…


~ by Captain Apathy on October 5, 2010.

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