Fallout 3 Super Mutants, Wasteland Critters, Misc.

I finally have a few minutes to update my post.  The miniatures below are my Fallout Super Mutants and Super Mutant Behemoth.  The Mutants are old school (OOP) Games Workshop Imperial Guard Ogryn.  The Behemoth is from a 7-11 Straw that was part of the Incredible Hulk movie promotions.  I believe the figure was for the character Abomination.

I included this picture for scale reference so you can see how much bigger the Super Mutants are compared to a Vault Dweller.  The scale looks pretty good to me.

Below are some standard Dungeons and Dragon miniatures that i plan to use for various wasteland critters, to include RadscorpionsYao Guai, and Deathclaws.  All of these miniatures (except the Vault Dweller of course) need painting to make them fit the Fallout setting.

These last three pictures were included just for fun.  The first one shows the Vault Dweller with Dogmeat coming toe to toe with a Radscorpion.

This pictures shows the Vault Dweller meeting two Enclave Officers and President John Henry Eden (well… sorta).

… and last but not least, our intrepid Vault Dweller among some wasteland ruins and the every present garbage dumpsters.


~ by Captain Apathy on November 26, 2010.

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