STALKER and Metro 2033 Miniatures from Ratnik

I picked up a collection of resin STALKER/Metro 2033 miniatures directly from Ratnik Miniatures.  The transaction went smoothly even though Paypal won’t transfer money to Russia.  I used Western Union and received my minis in short order.  Alas, several weeks later Lead Adventure announced they were carrying the same miniatures.  Oh well, no biggie.  The miniatures are still fantastic.

I plan to combine these with Afghan Theater Soviets I picked up from Mongrel Miniatures (now available from Newline Designs) before they went under.  These should make interesting light armored infantry and elites should a scenario call for some.  They can also be pressed into service for Modern Skirmish gaming too.

I also have some painted Neo-Soviets from Copplestone, some painted Soviet era Chemical troops from Eureka, and an odd assortment of tanks, trucks and jeeps.   They are not an exact match for this genre but they should work anyway.  More information on these guys can be found under one of my Modern Skirmish posts here.


~ by Captain Apathy on December 16, 2010.

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