Dot’s Diner and the Jury Street Metro Station

Ok, in case you can’t tell I am fixated on post-apocalyptic gaming.  This has been a kick of mine ever since the Wasteland RPG came out in the late 80’s.  When the Fallout series hit the scene I was hooked there too (except for Fallout Tactics which I thought sucked).  Well, needless to say I logged way too much time on Fallout 3 and became fixated on trying run skirmish games for Fallout in 28mm.  To that end I commissioned Peter Carlson, an artist and terrain maker, to recreate a landmark in Fallout 3 that I seemed to find myself at time and again.  The Jury Street Metro Station or more importantly Dot’s Diner (or the Grisly Diner as it is sometimes called).  Peter knocked this request out of the part and created a series of pieces that are simply fantastic.  At least thats my opinion.  See what you think.

I provided Peter with a series of pictures and explained the setting of the game.  Then I asked him to create a Diner and a series of buildings to match the feel of the Jury Street Metro Stop.  Here are two of the pictures I provided.  First is an aerial view and second is the diner itself.

Here is what Peter came up with.  First is the Fuel Station.  This started life as a Plasticville building and was heavily modified from there.

Next up is a scratch built ruined Store Front or Office Building.  Either case works just fine.  I love the laundry tag on the side of the building, used as a sign.

Next up is a scratch built above ground entrance to the underground Metro Station and a covered waiting area for mass transit.

Of course I saved the best for last.  Dot’s Diner started out life as a Plasticville diner and was also heavily modified.  I really love this piece.

Peter also created a ruined interior for the diner as well.

I even have a fallen sign for the diner.

I have several other pieces made by Peter that i will post pictures of sometime later.  Cheers.


~ by Captain Apathy on December 17, 2010.

One Response to “Dot’s Diner and the Jury Street Metro Station”

  1. Fantastic work. Thanks.

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