A Recap of 2010 – or – How Did I Do?

Well, I started 2010 with some pretty ambitious goals.  The bad news is I didn’t complete them all.  In fact many of the projects I didn’t even get started.  The good news is I still completed a bunch and I have a much healthier supply of painted miniatures and terrain now.

So lets take a look at the projects I originally proposed and their status.

Fallout/Wasteland (Post Apocalyptic America) – I still have a few ideas I would like to run down for this one, mostly some random terrain pieces such as mattresses, toilets and lab equipment, as well as some additions based on the Fallout: New Vegas game.  So here is a quick list of factions I completed this year:

  • Vault Dwellers
  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • Brotherhood Outcasts
  • Enclave
  • Protectrons
  • Super Mutants & Behemoth
  • Fire Ants

Also, here is a quick list of factions that were listed under other headings but will get pressed into service for Fallout/Wasteland Games:

I still have a few terrain pieces I wanted to post pictures of, but never got around to.  Otherwise I will consider this project a success for 2010.  Woot!

STALKER (Post Apocalyptic Russia) – I managed to order some really cool resin miniatures from Ratnik (also available at Lead Adventure) and some Soviet era Afghan troops from Mongrel Miniatures (available from Newline Designs).  I also have some odd Russian themed terrain.  Other than that, no real progress.  This one will roll into 2011.

Modern Skirmish (Modern Conflicts and Counter Insurgency) – I managed to compile several sizable forces and enough vehicles, buildings and terrain to field a good size table.  Unfortunately most of the buildings still need painted.

  • Neo-Soviets
  • Soviet Chemical Troops (oops… I guess these would count as STALKER too)
  • Middle East Insurgents
  • Middle East Civilians
  • US Regulars
  • US Long Range Surveillance
  • US Delta

I still have a lot of painting to do for my buildings, as well as a number of pictures to post.  I also, have some additional factions to add such as:

I will still consider this one a success for 2010.

Zombies (All Things Dead and Rotten) – I have a large collection of generic zombies thanks to the Heroscape Zombie Horde miniatures.  I also have some Irradiated Zombies from the Horrorclix line, as well as a set of Rage zombies and a matching Michael Jackson Thriller zombie thanks to Matakishi’s Teahouse.  I have most of the miniatures purchased for the survivors and special infected for the Left 4 Dead themed games.  Still a good bit of work to do so this one will roll into 2011 too.

Geezers! Shut it! (70′s Cops and Robbers) – This is another project that I made progress on.  I have a ton of miniatures from Killer B Games as well as a nice collection of 70’s cars in 1/43 scale, mostly US models though.  I finally sent these miniatures off to get painted so there will be some progress soon, but not until 2011.

Battle Machines (Diecast Car Wars) – I still have a ton of these cars and no real plans for moving forward… oh well.  2011 it is.

Doctor Who (Science Fiction Classic) – I think I have completed this one for the most part.  I have some pictures to post of my current Doctors and Companions, and I will probably add a few more figures as companies like Crooked Dice continue to release cool miniatures.  But lets call this one a success too.

Necromunda (Futuristic Gang Warfare) – This one was pretty much finished when 2010 started.  I needed to post pictures and decide if I wanted to create any more gangs, which i didn’t.  So this one is finished.

Vor (Science Fiction Skirmish) – This one fell off the plate completely.  2011 or maybe even farther out.

Stargate SGC (Science Fiction Skirimish) – This one was also wrapped up early in 2010 and I have no plans to add to the set.  Success.

So all 2010 was a very good year for miniatures projects.  Now all I need to do is find time to play.


~ by Captain Apathy on December 27, 2010.

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