Terminator Miniatures

I am a bit behind on my projects so I decided to post some pictures of my Terminator robots and and some post apocalyptic terrain.  My Terminator miniatures are a mixture of Copplestone Castings Future Wars Robots, 7-11 Terminator: Salvation straws, and Terminator: Salvation toys from Toys-R-Us.  My original thought was that I could use the miniatures for multiple genres of the Terminator saga.  While I thought the movie Terminator: Salvation had serious problems, I really liked the idea of the resistance using modern weapons and Skynet adapting and improving its’ technology.

While this isn’t a large army, I figured it would be diverse enough to give the resistance some serious trouble.  Below are pictures of some of my ruined city terrain.


~ by Captain Apathy on February 22, 2011.

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