More Middle East Insurgents

After a few months off I am back with a last minute addition to my Modern Skirmish miniatures.  In an odd bit of irony, my Middle Eastern Insurgents received reinforcements in the form of more light assault weapons and RPGs.  More importantly they also received several Russian RPK light machine guns and US surface to air Stinger missiles.

These handsome fellows are mixture of Empress Modern Combat Taliban Command and Eureka Modern Afghan Guerrillas miniatures, and were painted by Jamie at Pictors Studios.  Below is a closeup of several skirmishers.

Here is a closeup of some of the command figures and Stinger missile launchers.

I also have a set of the Eureka Marine Force Recon and Empress Modern Combat US Infantry EOD Team that I will get painted up some time soon.  Until then keep your head down while the lead is flying.  Cheers.


~ by Captain Apathy on May 3, 2011.

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