Vehicles from the Future Apocalypse Past – part 1

This post is the first of several featuring new additions to my apocalyptic garage.  I will start with a post apocalyptic icon, the Road Warrior, or at least the closest version I have.  I was inspired by the version I found at 2085 Warlords of the Wasteland (or Skank for short).  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate a die-cast Ford Falcon XB, so I settled for my favorite car the 1968 Camaro.  I found a 1/43 scale diecast version at a local drugstore and proceeded to modify it.  I started by cutting a hole in the hood to fit an engine mounted with a blower that I liberated from a Hot Wheels car.  I added two GW barrels to the back, then stuffed the interior with gas cans and bits of junk, as well as a seat for the dog.  After all that I sent it off to Pictor Studio to paint it up for me.  I am quite happy with the results.  The Mad Max miniature if from EM-4, and the dog is a D&D wolf.  Pictures below…


~ by Captain Apathy on June 26, 2011.

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