Elementals: The Natural Order – part 1

This post is a bit of a flashback and will most certainly show my age.  Elementals was a dark adult comic series written and illustrated by Bill Willingham starting in 1984.  The series ran until 1996, but for the purposes of gaming I will focus on the first 5 issues of the series, later republished in one volume as Elemetals: The Natural Order (ISBN 0-938965-08-5).  The team of unlikely heroes that is the Elementals was made up of four individuals connected only by the fact that they have died and come back to life with superpowers.  More information on the Elementals can be found at the wikipedia link above or at a really good review at Comices Should Be Good.

The four members of the team are:

  • Morningstar – Jeanette Crane – A homicide detective with the Los Angeles police department who died in a fire while cashing a serial arsonist and came back to life with the ability to control fire.
  • Vortex – Jeff Murphy – A helicopter pilot with the Coast Guard who died in a crash and came back to life with the ability to control the air and fly.
  • Fathom – Becky Golden – A young debutante who drowned when she fell off her father’s boat and returned to life with the ability to control water, including an ability to turn herself into water.
  • Monolith – Tommy Czuchra – A young boy who was crushed in a landslide while hiking and returned with the ability to turn himself into an enormous earth and stone golem.

I really enjoyed this series when it was originally published and had played with the idea of making miniatures for the team for many years.  It wasn’t until the recent release of two Reaper miniatures that I finaly decided to do it.  Reaper released two superhero miniatures under their Chronoscope line, Torrent (50140) and Inferno (50141).  These immediately made me think of Fathom and Morningstar respectively.  I quickly dug through some Dungeons and Dragons miniature to find the Earth Titan from the Against the Giants release for Monolith.  The hardest miniature to find was Vortex.  I finally settled on using the Wepon Alpha miniature from the Heroclix Marvel Supernova line.  I am very happy with how they all turned out.

Elementals Group Shot





Now all I need to do is find the right miniatures to represent the Elementals original adversaries The Destroyers.  I am open to suggestions…


~ by Captain Apathy on July 21, 2011.

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