Doctor Who – The Sontaran Experiment – part 1

The recent thread on Lead Adventures Forum to post pictures of your Doctor Who miniatures inspired me to follow up on one of my favorite episodes, The Sontaran Experiment.  Both anevilgiraffe and onebigriver had terrain from this episode and I thought I should give it a try.  I believe this is was the first episode of Doctor Who I watched as a child on public televison.  That is probably why it is so firmly rooted in my brain.  Anyway, ever since I became aware of Doctor Who miniatures I was inspired to try to recreate my favorite episodes.  This is my first real attempt.

The Sontaran Experiment featured the appearance of Styre a Sontaran scout experimenting on humans to gather intelligence for a future invasion of Earth.  The episode was shot outdoors but still featured several iconic set pieces, namely Styre’s ship, communication device, a transmat ring and a robot.  I am focusing on the first three set pieces and will address the robot at a later time.  So here is what I have so far…

Styre’s ship, transmat ring and Sontaran communication terminal with the fourth Doctor and Sarah for reference, first plain then with flocking.  My apologies for the color variation in pictures.

another pic of the transmat rings

There was only one transmat system shown in this episode but I decided to build three since I had enough materials.  Speaking of building materials below are pictures of the various pieces I used to makes these pieces.  I found everything except the ornament at Michaels.  The ornament I found at Wal Mart.

Now I need to send them off to Pictors Studio for painting.  More to follow.  Cheers.


~ by Captain Apathy on October 27, 2011.

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