Post Apocalyptic – Wasteland Survivors

So far I have several different factions represented for my Fallout and Wasteland games.  One area I have neglected, until now, are the generic survivors and post apocalyptic heroes that one would hope to find scatered throughout the wasteland.  This post to rectify that situation.  The survivors represented here tend to be inside jokes from cult tv and movies or cross genres heroes that you might find in any horror our wasteland environment, such as a zombie uprising or plague.  So without further fanfare here are my survivors.

I will start with one of my survivors that has been posted before, Max the Road Warrior and his companion Dog Meat.  Max is from EM-4 Miniatures, Dog Meat is a D&D Timber Wolf, and the car is a die-cast 1:43 scale Camero.  I posted a similar picture in one of my Vehicles of the Apocalypse entries.

Mixing post apocalyptic and zombie apocalypse genres is Alice from the Resident Evil film series, specifically Resident Evil: Extinction.  Alice is a nifty figure from Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope line and is especially since I get to use her for two different projects.

Next is a series of three figures from Brigade Miniatures.  This wasteland survivor is Buddy from the cult movie Six String Samurai, and is a miniature from Brigade Games Atomic Cafe 1957 line.  This is an oscure movie but well worth finding especially if you enjoy quirky movies.

Next up is el Mariachi also from Brigade Games.  This is obviously from the movies el Mariachi and Desperado, and while not exactly post apocalyptic, he would be handy to have around in a firefight.

Last but not least is the third and final mini Super Duper Man from Brigade Games.  He isn’t a direct reference to anything as far as I am aware.  I happened to think he was an interesting miniature and would be funny to put on the game table.


~ by Captain Apathy on November 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Post Apocalyptic – Wasteland Survivors”

  1. I have an original of that Mad Max promo poster hanging in my office.

    I don’t want to discuss how much it cost me to frame it.


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