CREATURES The Card Game – Fear The Mighty PIRTUSTER

I will make a slight departure this week and instead of posting about miniatures, I am posting about a cute new card game called Creatures.  I funded Creatures The Card Game via its Kickstarter page and as such received a copy of the game, complete with special Kickstarter only cards.  Me and my minions have been playing it pretty much non-stop since its arrival at the lab.  The objective of the game is to combine different Head, Middle, and Tail sections to make unique creatures that you then sick on the other players.  Any creature that survives against one round of attacks is considered a champion and set aside.  The first player to reach a certain number of champions (based on the number of players) is declared the winner.  Pretty simple and quite a lot of fun.  A description of the game from their website…


CREATURES is a creative, strategic card game that blends friendly competition with a good laugh! It is intended for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. The game is comprised of 96 playing cards consisting of either a ‘FRONT’, ‘MIDDLE’, or ‘BACK’ portion of 32 particular animals. Each animal is illustrated across the three cards, and includes a fun fact about that animal and a corresponding‘strength’ value ranging from 1-10 (e.g. a mosquito is strength-1, and a grizzly bear is strength-10).

Gameplay occurs as players mix and match ‘FRONT’, ‘MIDDLE’,and ‘BACK’ cards in their hand to create entirely new creatures, and stage attacks against the creatures in other players’ hands. For example, the ‘FRONT’ of Octopus (4), the‘MIDDLE’ of Hippopotamus (7), and the ‘BACK’ of Armadillo (1) combine to create OC-POTA-DILLO (12)!

Making silly and often quite powerful creatures is suprisingly fun and addictive. For example, the game winning champion from a recent game of Creatures was the might PirTuSter. Part Pirahna, part Vulture, and part Gila Mosnter.  Fear the Mighty PirTuSter, which we pronounced Pur-Too-Stir.

Also, one nifty bonus for being a Kickstarter supporter was a unique creature, a Chupacabra.  Cool.


~ by Captain Apathy on December 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “CREATURES The Card Game – Fear The Mighty PIRTUSTER”

  1. I slept on funding these guys, but the game does look fun. Thanks for the review.

    • So far I have supported four game projects all with good results. Not only do you get a copy of the game, you also get the satisfaction of having helped of come to fruition. I highly recommend supporting projects on kickstarter.

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