Vehicles from the Future Apocalypse Past – part 3

This post I am including pictures of vehicles that would be more typically found in a post apocalyptic environment… wrecked ones.  I have an odd assortment of wrecked, destroyed and otherwise neglected vehicles found scattered across the wasteland.

First up are two abandoned cars that also serve as nice terrain pieces, objective markers, or just random terrain.  Both were created by Peter Carlson and are some of my favorite pieces.

Next up is a nifty piece I found on ebay.  Not sure what the origins are of this one but it looks to be a 1/43 or maybe even 1/35 scale (because it looks a little on the big side) plastic model turned into a wreckage and painted accordingly.  One reoccurring feature in Fallout games, other than telephone polls, are wrecked trucks.  They tend to have busted crates and/or salvageable equipment.  Always a nice feature on the gaming table.  What other kinds of vehicles might you expect to find in the Fallout universe?


~ by Captain Apathy on December 16, 2011.

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