A Recap of 2011 – or – How Did I Do?

Well, I had high hopes for gaming more this year, but that didn’t really happen.  Of the dozen or so games I planned on playing I managed to actually play only one, Scudbusters.  The upside is I made some really good progress on several projects, to include a few unplanned ones.

Like last year I will take a look at the status of the projects I originally planned on working on, as well as the unplanned projects that cropped up.


Fallout/Wasteland (Post Apocalyptic America) – I had a fantastic year for this project.  I was able to acquire more terrain as well as a number of new armies.  This is a project that will continue on for some time.  Success.

STALKER (Post Apocalyptic Russia) – With the exception of a few pieces of dual use terrain, I managed to make no progress on this project.  Bummer.

Geezers! Shut it! (70′s Cops and Robbers) – I am happy to say this project is complete.  All of my miniatures are painted, and with the exception of some miniatures en route from Pictors Studio, I have posted pictures.  Now all I need to do is actually game with them.  Success.

Modern Skirmish (Modern Conflicts and Counter Insurgency) – I managed to add to my insurgents ranks by adding surface to air missiles and some RPK light machine guns.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to the Private Military Contractors or Explosive Ordinance Disposal teams I had originally planned on.  This one will have to carry over into 2012.

Zombies (All Things Dead and Rotten) – I managed to get a late start on this project and didn’t get anything posted.  The good news is I will be in a really good position to kick this project off in 2012.

Battle Machines (Die-cast Car Wars) – No love, and no progress here either.  Bummer.


Terminators – I managed to complete and post pictures of my Terminator army.  Success.

Tron Light Cycle Racing – This is a nifty game I came across on RPG Now.  Neat little game that was pretty easy to put together and find components for.  Mostly this was due to good timing from the release of the new Tron Legacy movie and the subsequent sale on Tron diecast light cycles.  Success.

Elementals (Superhero Gaming) – Inspiration struck and I found the right miniatures to finally assemble the heroes from one of my favorite comics from the 80s.  Success.

Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment – Inspiration struck again thanks to this cool episode being released on DVD and some really nifty terrain posted on the Lead Adventures Forum.  The pieces are out for painting and should be done soon.  Success.

So, overall I did really well and I am quite happy with my progress.  I dropped the ball on a few projects but over achieved on others.  I am still having fun and will continue on through 2012.  Cheers and thanks for reading.


~ by Captain Apathy on January 8, 2012.

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