28mm Laser-Cut Signs and Marquees

I recently stumbled across these pieces on ebay and couldn’t resist picking up several different items.  The company that makes these, and other 28mm laser-cut wood terrain pieces, is Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs LLC.  Take a look at their blog for more details and information on ordering.

This post I am going to cover some of the different pieces I purchased and what I hope to do with them.  This includes a modular factory, modular office building4-pack of shopsantenna tower, two sets of office furniture, two building marquees and two sets of letters all in 28mm.  Here are some pictures of the items I purchased in their unassembled state.

My initial thought was to use the factory and office for my Fallout games.  The two marquees I was thinking of turning into signs for RobCo Industries and either Hubris Comics, AeroTech Park or maybe A Cuppa Joe.  All of these where pre-war companies or locations in the Fallout universe.  So I started laying out the different marquee ideas.  Here is what I started with.

You may notice that one of the “I”s in “Hubris Comics” is in fact an “L” turned upside down.  That is because I ran out of small “I”s.  After I took the picture I cut the leg off of the “L” and it looked just fine.  I had to do something similar to the “C” in “A Cuppa Joe”, which was originally an “O”.  After that I laid out my first choice for a marquee RobCo Industries.  The small marquee was a bit too small, and as you can see the large marquee is a bit too large.  The good news is I should be able to cut the large one down to fit.

Once I had everything laid out and tried the large marquee, I remembered I had some pre-cut wood sign backs that I picked up a while ago at Michaels.  So I laid out both the A Cuppa Joe and AeroTech Park signs, plus a few scrapbooking bits I had laying around and I think the initial results look quite nice.

At this stage none of the letters have been glued down.  Everything is just sitting there for reference and to make sure it fits.  The next step is to glue everything in place and assemble the legs to the marquees.  Once I mounted the letters for the RobCo Industries marquee I noticed the sign was a bit large, so I used a hobby knife to cut ff the excess.  It was pretty easy and left enough to make a small sign.  I also, used letters to make a Vault-Tec marquee.  Take a look.

After that  I made reference marks on the sign backs to align the letters correctly and then went to work with the white glue.  Once I was done I had another three signs A Cuppa Joe, AeroTech Park and Hubris Comics.  Here are my final results.


~ by Captain Apathy on January 17, 2012.

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