28mm Laser-Cut Modular Office Building

I am continuing to work through all the nifty 28mm terrain I purchased from Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs LLC.  This time around I decided to assemble the 28mm Modular Office Building.  I will start by saying this building was a surprisingly easy to assemble using standard white (PVA) glue and I was able to complete this project in an afternoon. I am also quite pleased with how it turned out. In fact I am tempted to purchase another one.

The office building comes in a ziplock bag with a separate base board to mount everything on.  The directions that come with the set aren’t the best, but the illustrations and the picture of the completed building are good references.  So I opened the bag and to a quick catalog of the parts.

I followed the instructions and measured the base board to mark where I wanted to mount the building once finished.  Then I assembled the lobby floor.  I apologize for not taking step-by-step pictures of the first part of this process.  I got ahead of myself and forgot to take pictures at this point.  I remembered to take a picture once I had the first four walls and awning together.

The next step is to mount two interior walls and corner supports that serve to provide additional structure and the outlines of the windows for the lobby level.  The first floor is now done.

The next step is to assemble the roof and the next three floors.  The basic steps for each of these floors is the same, the large floor section and exterior walls.  This was an easy process and I was able to quickly assemble them.

This process is repeated four times, once for the roof and three more for the separate floors.  In order to complete the three office floors you need to install four more thinner walls that provide the outlines for the windows.  This is a fairly simple process.  The only real issue arises from the tight tolerances.  If you install the walls in the same order I did you need to bend, or flex, the longer side walls in order to get them to fit.  Just make sure you don’t bend to too far.

After you install the last wall you are almost done.  The only thing left to do is assemble the doors and add the trim to the base of the lobby.

The trim was the hardest part as these pieces seemed a little long.  It may have been me though.  Either way, it was an easy problem to solve using a sharp hobby knife.  Here are two pictures of the final results.  I hope you find this useful.  Cheers.


~ by Captain Apathy on January 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “28mm Laser-Cut Modular Office Building”

  1. Nice! Are the floors removeable (=can you put minis inside)?

  2. Yes. Each level is a separate tray that is stacked on top of the next one. So you end up with a lobby, three interior floors and a roof. So you can actually make the office building shorter or taller (if you had more than one set). This is a really nifty kit.

  3. Nice work Dan. How about a few shots using them in a game. Are you still using Ambush Alley?


  4. Hey Nigel. Yeah I still have the Ambush Alley rules, but I can’t honestly remember the last time I played them. These last several years have been good for getting things built and painted, but not so good for actually playing. Maybe this year will be better.

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