Post Apocalyptic – Aquarium and Pet Store Terrain

Ok, this isn’t exactly post-apocalyptic, but it will work for the purposes of this post.  One way to fill a gaming table with terrain that is easy and fairly inexpensive is with aquarium pieces.  There are a number of nifty pieces that are close enough in scale that they work well for 28mm gaming.  As an added bonus, if you are patient you can pick them up pretty cheap as they frequently go on sale.

First up, are some nice ancient Greek terrain pieces.  All of the pieces I found are “ruined” but that’s just fine.  I especially like the ruined wall sections.  They work great for post-apocalypse or modern skirmish gaming.  I also planned on using these pieces for Stargate gaming.  There are several larger pieces, but I haven’t picked any of those up yet.

The next two pictures are more of a South American, Olmec, and Mayan theme.  At least that’s what I thin they are supposed to be.  The ruined obelisk and Olmec heads are particularly cool.

Last up is a cool ruined bridge that would work great for almost any genre, but will see action in my Fallout games.  I would really like some ruined highway sections and overpasses, but this will work.  Cheers.


~ by Captain Apathy on February 11, 2012.

One Response to “Post Apocalyptic – Aquarium and Pet Store Terrain”

  1. Hello,
    I know this is quite an old post, but I’d love to find out where you got these pieces. They are great! Especially the bridge.
    I just found your blog through a random google search, and I’m going to look through lots more.

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