28mm Laser-Cut Antenna Tower

This is the last of the items I picked up as part of a larger order from Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs LLC.  This was an easy piece to assemble so this post will be pretty short.  The set as it arrives is no frills, but that is fine.

Once you open it up the kit consists of seven pieces.  All the pieces are nicely cut and fit together well.  There is also an instruction sheet, but for this kit it really isn’t necessary.

Pretty much, this tower assembles itself.  A little white glue here, a little white glue there and about 5 minutes later you have this…

This turned out nice and I am looking forward to putting it into service soon.  Below are a few pictures for scale to include one of my cork tile brownstone buildings and a stucco building from Armorcast.



~ by Captain Apathy on March 9, 2012.

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