Doctor Who – The Sontaran Experiment – part 2

I have a new camera.  Hurah!  To celebrate I am posting pictures of some news miniatures and terrain thanks to Jamie at Pictors Studios.  The terrain is scratch built by me and the miniatures are from Black Tree Design.  I was recently inspired by a post by Onebigriver at Lead Adventures Forum and decided to make my own terrain for the Doctor Who episode The Sontaran Experiment.  This happens to be one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes from back in the day.  I made five pieces of terrain: the Sontaran scout ship, three transmat rings, and the Sontaran control device.  I need to make a decent proxy for the Sontaran robot, but that will come later.  In the mean time here are pictures of my terrain and some additional Sontaran soldiers. First up is a test shot with my new camera.

The following pictures were taken in a more controlled manner.  Enjoy.

The scout ship is a plastic Christmas ornament that I cut a door into.  The transmat rings are basic wood discs with wood spheres glued to it.  The control device is a 28mm display base with a large wood bead glued to it.  I used a drill to create a recessed area and then added two small wood strips for the screen and keyboard.  Nothing fancy here.

A close up of the control device.

Here are several Sontaran soldiers for scale and reference.

The transmat ring is a bit tight, but it will accomodate five miniatures as long as they are on standard 28mm slotta bases.

And it all packs up nicely for storage.  Thanks for looking.


~ by Captain Apathy on March 24, 2012.

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