Zombies – All Things Dead and Rotten

This is a genre of miniatures gaming I am quite found of and as such I have a number of different minis to support it.  I will start with the different groups of zombies I have painted.  In future posts I hope to cover survivors as well.  To start with I have the mainstay of generic zombies.  These are the Heroscape zombies that were produced by Wizards of the Coast, but are long since out of production.  It is a shame because these are really versitile and useful for almost any era of zombie games.  The picture below is only a fraction of the total number of these minis that I have in my collection.

From generic zombies to gooey messy zombies.  Next up are two sets of Eureka zombies painted in different schemes.  Both are quite “gooey” and could be used as toxic or fragile highly decomposed zombies.

After that we have a selection of irradiated zombies from the Horrorclix line.  These were rebased on standard 25mm slotta bases, though they still need flocking.  I was thinking about using these for irradiated ghouls for Fallout games too.

Lastly we have a set of rage zombies that I purchased from Paul Ward over at Matakishi’s Teahouse.

Add in the red leather jacket clad zombie and you suddenly have the makings of a Thriller video.  Cheers.


~ by Captain Apathy on April 28, 2012.

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