Post Apocalyptic – Terrain and Relics of the Past

I have already posted pictures of several pieces of my post apocalyptic terrain with mixed results.  My first set of pictures didn’t come out quite as nice as i would have prefered.  Subsequent posts were much better, but I still seen to have issues with my lighting.  This time around I have better pictures of more terrain pieces.  Starting with a ruined bicycle repair shop.  This piece, along with the next two pieces featured in this post, were created by Peter Carlson over at Blast Radius Terrain.

Next up is another relic that would be considered fairly routine by todays standards, but might make for an interesting objective marker, an ATM machine.

Another item that might be common across the post apocalyptic landscape is a survival shelter.  This one is made from half of a Star Wars R2-D2 model.

These next two pieces are terrain features that can obstruct the battlefield or act as objectives.  I picked these up from Battlefield Architect at ebay.  The first piece appears to be a toxic waste pond complete with drainage pipe.

This last piece is a shallow pond surrounded by shale, or what looks like shale anyway.  Enjoy.


~ by Captain Apathy on May 11, 2012.

5 Responses to “Post Apocalyptic – Terrain and Relics of the Past”

  1. THe R2D2 is pretty funny… But I really think you did a great job on the shallow pool, care to give away some secrets?

    The ATM isn’t doing it for me, but I feel like if I was able to see it in person there would be details that would win me over.

    Cool stuff!

  2. Awesome terrain! Good work.

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