Fallout – RobCo Industries Securitron

I have a few new additions to my Post Apocalyptic factions.  This time around I have a small squad of Securitrons from Fallout New Vegas.  These fantastic proxies come from Black Cat Bases and were painted by Jamie at Pictors Studio.  Black Cat Bases has a whole line of nifty robot miniatures in 28mm, many of which will be familiar to science fiction fans.

The Securitron is a private security robot that was mass-produced by House Industries in conjunction with RobCo Industries, and  comes in two versions, mark I and mark II.  The mark I has the face of a policeman and is armed with a gatling laser and 9mm submachine gun.  The mark II has the face of a soldier and has an additional 25mm automatic grenade launcher and missile launcher.

These bots are quite formidable, especially in the mark II variety.  I have added six of these guys to my line up, with three mark IIs, two mark Is, and a Yes Man.  They will make a nice addition to the battlefield.

… and here is a group shot with my intrepid vault dweller for scale.  Enjoy.


~ by Captain Apathy on June 5, 2012.

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