Zombies – Zombie Dogs and Rad Hounds

The newest additions to my zombie hoards are two vicious packs of dogs.  One pack of six zombie dogs and one pack of four rad hounds.  These nasty beasts are a nice inclusion in that they open several scenario options to include secret research labs focused on reanimation.  First up are the zombie dogs.  I found these nasty beasts at Mississinewa Miniatures, which unfortunaltey appears to have gone out of business.  Pictors Studio did a fantastic job painting them modeled after the zombie dogs from the first Resident Evil movie.

Pretty cool, eh?

Next up are the Rad Hounds.  These nasty beasts were originally part of the FASA Vor miniatures line, but are now available from Iron Wind Metals.  They can currently be found them under the Vor, Neo-Soviets line.

The canisters of green goo plugged into their shoulders contain the reanimator formula that keeps them active and feral.  More later.  Cheers.


~ by Captain Apathy on July 7, 2012.

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