City of Heroes – Save Paragon City

I am posting this one for a friend.  It looks like the MMORPG City of Heroes is slated for cancellation.  Bummer.


You may know about City of Heroes (CoH), the comic book superheroes and villains MMO from Paragon Studios.

What you may not know is that NCsoft, the parent corporation, has announced it will shut down CoH by the end of November.

Folks, a lot of people love this game, and we are all just gaming geeks like you. We could really use your help in supporting the efforts to get NCsoft to change its mind keep CoH alive.

That said, please take a minute to check out the Titans Network, which is coordinating all the different movements being organized to save CoH. You can find them here:

Please consider making any or every effort you can to save our game!

Even if you can only spare a moment to sign the petitions, that would be a great help!

Thanks in advance, and if the time ever comes around to save YOUR favorite game, hopefully the Heroes (and Villains!) of CoH will be there to return the favor!


~ by Captain Apathy on September 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “City of Heroes – Save Paragon City”

  1. Thanks a lot. This fight means a lot to all of us and every bit counts. The petition, by the way, is closing on fifteen thousand – it’ll pass it by tomorrow morning for sure. The heroes of CoH intend to go down fighting – if it’s us that goes down in the end.

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