Doctor Who – Seventh Doctor, Ace, K9 and more Baddies

I have several random new additions to my Doctor Who miniatures collection.  Mostly odds and ends with one large force of aliens.  I will start with the Seventh Doctor (Slyvester McCoy) and Ace (Sophie Aldred).  At this stage the only Doctor I don’t have is the Sixth Doctor played by Colin Baker.  The production quality of the Doctor Who episodes at this stage was pretty low, but some of the stories and acting was great.  I am especially fond of Remembrance of the Daleks and Ghost Light.  Below are Ace and two versions of the Sixth Doctor from Black Tree Design.  The Sixth Doctor on the right carries a Dalek Jammer, used in Remembrance of the Daleks.

Next up are two classics from the era of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker), the fantastic companion K9 and the first adversary of that era Robot.  K-9 made his first appearance in the episode The Invisible Enemy.  I happen to have two of these painted up for no apparent reason.  Shrug.  The Robot was the very first adversary to cross paths with the Fourth Doctor in the episode aptly named Robot.  The Robot in question actually grows to roughly 30 feet in size, but unfortunately I don’t have a miniature to represent that… yet.  Give me time. ; )

Next up is the infamous and self serving Professor Kellman from Revenge of the Cybermen.  Kellman was a nasty piece of work, willing to sell out his species.  This is a nifty miniature to me because even though he is human he is unique in his posture and pose.  Kellman is pictured below with a Cyberman and a Vogan from the same episode.

Also, included in this update are a hoard of Wirrn, from The Ark in Space.  In this episode the Wirrn has infested an aged space station hosting humans in hibernation.  The Wirrn attempt to take over to recolonized the Earth but are defeated by the Doctor.  Here are the Wirrn, first as a unit and then as seen in the episode.

Last up is the gestalt creature the Fendahl, from Image of the Fendahl.  This episode was written by Chris Boucher, who also wrote Robots of Death.  The Fendahl makes an appearance in the final episode of the Kaldor City audio drama (titled Checkmate), by Magic Bullet Productions. A bizarre creature of formidable power.  Again two pictures, one of the miniature, and the second from the episode.



~ by Captain Apathy on September 24, 2012.

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