Doctor Who – iDaleks and the Ultimate Monster Collection

For those of you who don’t know, Doctor Who Adventures is a weekly magazine published by BBC Magazines. Each issue contains stories, comics and articles related to the current season of Doctor Who. Each issue also features some kind of prize or give-away. Issue 262 of DWA featured an extra special treat for miniatures enthusiasts in that it contained a collection of Doctor Who themed monsters and aliens in approximately 25mm-30mm in size.

The “Ultimate Monster Collection!” was especially nice for me because it featured in addition to the variety of aliens, it included a set of multi colored Daleks from the episode “Victory of the Daleks” (aka iDaleks).

I acquired three of this particular issues and the miniatures that came with them. The collection includes Daleks, Weeping Angels, Judoon, Cyberman, Silurian, Sontaran, Silent, Ood, Minotaur and Handbot.  I have taken multiple pictures of the miniatures and included them below for reference and scale using the Tweedy Mattison miniature from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio as reference.  First up,  is the Ood and Silence.  Both are soft rubbery plastic with moderate detail and range in at over 30mm.

Next up is the Judoon and Minotaur.  These are a slightly more rigid plastic but softer in detail.  The scale for these two seems more in proportion with 28mm.

The Handbot and Silurian are next.  These are also slightly rigid plastic with soft detail.  They also seem a bit on the tall side.

Close to last are probably the worst of the lot, the Sontaran and Cyberman.  The Sontaran is rubbery plastic, and the cyberman is more rigid.  Both are really bad as far as detail goes, but the scale seems reasonable.

I saved the best two for last.  The Weeping Angels and Daleks.  The Angels have really nice details and seem good for scale too.  The only downside is they are very rubbery plastic, similar to an eraser in texture.

… and the best of the lot, in my opinion anyway, are the Daleks.  These are a hard plastic with nice detail.  They seem a bit large at first when compared to Tweedy and a Black Tree Design Dalek.  However, if you look at BBC photos from the episode Victory of the Daleks they seem quite reasonable.  See for yourself.


~ by Captain Apathy on October 5, 2012.

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  1. what is the brand name that made those, i am looking for them for sale?

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