City of Heroes – Save Paragon City

•September 6, 2012 • 2 Comments

I am posting this one for a friend.  It looks like the MMORPG City of Heroes is slated for cancellation.  Bummer.


You may know about City of Heroes (CoH), the comic book superheroes and villains MMO from Paragon Studios.

What you may not know is that NCsoft, the parent corporation, has announced it will shut down CoH by the end of November.

Folks, a lot of people love this game, and we are all just gaming geeks like you. We could really use your help in supporting the efforts to get NCsoft to change its mind keep CoH alive.

That said, please take a minute to check out the Titans Network, which is coordinating all the different movements being organized to save CoH. You can find them here:

Please consider making any or every effort you can to save our game!

Even if you can only spare a moment to sign the petitions, that would be a great help!

Thanks in advance, and if the time ever comes around to save YOUR favorite game, hopefully the Heroes (and Villains!) of CoH will be there to return the favor!


Doctor Who – Robot – Episode 075

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After a slight hiatus, it looks like I will be on a roll with Doctor Who miniatures for the near future.  First up is the first full episode of Doctor Who to feature Tom Baker as the Doctor.  Episode 075 Robot.  This a favorite of mine, not because it is particularly good, but because it is the very first Doctor Who I ever watched.  Thanks to PBS it was featured on Sunday afternoon while I was at home with nothing to do.  It has held a special place in my heart ever since.

Once I started collecting Doctor Who miniatures in the hopes of some day actually playing a game, I have had the idea of trying to recreate specific episodes.  Robot is one of them.  I picked up the Robot miniature in 28mm from Black Tree Design some time back, but I recently found a nice addition that adds to the fun.  Thanks to the Doctor Who action figures Classic Series Wave 1, and ebay, I was able to acquire a complete K1 Robot that stands approximately 6″ tall.  The first wave required you to purchased all eight action figures, each of whoich came with a part of the K1 Robot.  Once you had all eight, you had a Robot figure.  Nifty.  Thanks to ebay, I was able to acquire the Robot complete, without needing to pick up all eight figures.

Why is this important?  Well toward the end of the Robot series, the K1 Robot is shot by a disintegrator weapon that instead of destroying the robot, makes it grow very large.  Yeah, weird I know.  But, now I have both a “normal” size robot and large robot.  Nifty.  Take a look and see.  I have a FASA Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane, as well as a Black Tree Design Robot and Brigadier.

The K1 Robot looks a little big compared to screencaps from the episode, but iti is close enough for me.

Granted, the large version of the Robot is only on screen for a few minutes, but who cares.  Cheers.

Zombies – Zombie Dogs and Rad Hounds

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The newest additions to my zombie hoards are two vicious packs of dogs.  One pack of six zombie dogs and one pack of four rad hounds.  These nasty beasts are a nice inclusion in that they open several scenario options to include secret research labs focused on reanimation.  First up are the zombie dogs.  I found these nasty beasts at Mississinewa Miniatures, which unfortunaltey appears to have gone out of business.  Pictors Studio did a fantastic job painting them modeled after the zombie dogs from the first Resident Evil movie.

Pretty cool, eh?

Next up are the Rad Hounds.  These nasty beasts were originally part of the FASA Vor miniatures line, but are now available from Iron Wind Metals.  They can currently be found them under the Vor, Neo-Soviets line.

The canisters of green goo plugged into their shoulders contain the reanimator formula that keeps them active and feral.  More later.  Cheers.

Fallout – RobCo Industries Securitron

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I have a few new additions to my Post Apocalyptic factions.  This time around I have a small squad of Securitrons from Fallout New Vegas.  These fantastic proxies come from Black Cat Bases and were painted by Jamie at Pictors Studio.  Black Cat Bases has a whole line of nifty robot miniatures in 28mm, many of which will be familiar to science fiction fans.

The Securitron is a private security robot that was mass-produced by House Industries in conjunction with RobCo Industries, and  comes in two versions, mark I and mark II.  The mark I has the face of a policeman and is armed with a gatling laser and 9mm submachine gun.  The mark II has the face of a soldier and has an additional 25mm automatic grenade launcher and missile launcher.

These bots are quite formidable, especially in the mark II variety.  I have added six of these guys to my line up, with three mark IIs, two mark Is, and a Yes Man.  They will make a nice addition to the battlefield.

… and here is a group shot with my intrepid vault dweller for scale.  Enjoy.

Post Apocalyptic – Terrain and Relics of the Past

•May 11, 2012 • 5 Comments

I have already posted pictures of several pieces of my post apocalyptic terrain with mixed results.  My first set of pictures didn’t come out quite as nice as i would have prefered.  Subsequent posts were much better, but I still seen to have issues with my lighting.  This time around I have better pictures of more terrain pieces.  Starting with a ruined bicycle repair shop.  This piece, along with the next two pieces featured in this post, were created by Peter Carlson over at Blast Radius Terrain.

Next up is another relic that would be considered fairly routine by todays standards, but might make for an interesting objective marker, an ATM machine.

Another item that might be common across the post apocalyptic landscape is a survival shelter.  This one is made from half of a Star Wars R2-D2 model.

These next two pieces are terrain features that can obstruct the battlefield or act as objectives.  I picked these up from Battlefield Architect at ebay.  The first piece appears to be a toxic waste pond complete with drainage pipe.

This last piece is a shallow pond surrounded by shale, or what looks like shale anyway.  Enjoy.

Zombies – All Things Dead and Rotten

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This is a genre of miniatures gaming I am quite found of and as such I have a number of different minis to support it.  I will start with the different groups of zombies I have painted.  In future posts I hope to cover survivors as well.  To start with I have the mainstay of generic zombies.  These are the Heroscape zombies that were produced by Wizards of the Coast, but are long since out of production.  It is a shame because these are really versitile and useful for almost any era of zombie games.  The picture below is only a fraction of the total number of these minis that I have in my collection.

From generic zombies to gooey messy zombies.  Next up are two sets of Eureka zombies painted in different schemes.  Both are quite “gooey” and could be used as toxic or fragile highly decomposed zombies.

After that we have a selection of irradiated zombies from the Horrorclix line.  These were rebased on standard 25mm slotta bases, though they still need flocking.  I was thinking about using these for irradiated ghouls for Fallout games too.

Lastly we have a set of rage zombies that I purchased from Paul Ward over at Matakishi’s Teahouse.

Add in the red leather jacket clad zombie and you suddenly have the makings of a Thriller video.  Cheers.

Fallout – NCR Rangers in Combat Armor

•April 5, 2012 • 6 Comments

Another recent addition to my Fallout project, thanks to Jamie at Pictors Studio, is a platoon of NCR Rangers in combat armor.  The miniatures are 28mm plastics from Wargames Factory‘s Shock Troops line.  The platoon consists of one box of standard Shock Troops and one box of Heavy Weapons.  I must admit the process of assembling the standard Shock Troops was pretty straight forward.  However, the Heavy Weapons were a bit of a pain.

The miniatures below are an over strength platoon of Rangers from the New California Republic.  These guys made their appearance in Fallout: New Vegas and represent veteran troops from the NCR in their best combat armor.

There are other variations of the NCR Rangers to include troops in campaign hats.  For this project I decided to focus on the combat armor.  Below is a group shot.

This is the entire platoon, heavy weapons and all.  As you can see there are a number of heavy and support weapons represented.  This includes a mortar, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, heavy lasers/plasma weapons, and heavy mahcine guns.

This is what an individual NCR Ranger in combat armor looks like in Fallout: New Vegas.

This is how the miniatures turned out.  Looks pretty damn good to me.

Of course you also need leadership.  This are the officers and NCOs.  The only miniature I really don’t care for is the one with the sword.  I suppose I could have made additional modifications, but I decided to go with what was in the Shock Troops kits.  I may modify him later, but for now he is fine.

Next up are the support weapons.  Two of each type of rocket launcher, grenade launcher and flame thrower.  I don’t recall there being any support weapons used by the NCR in Fallout: New Vegas, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Next up is the lone mortar.  Again, there wasn’t one in the game, but hey…

Finally, we have three support weapons.  I am quite happy with these.  The way the Heavy Weapons kit comes, you can only assemble three.  I decided to use several small magnets and nails.  I clipped the nails and mounted them to the tripod base and then put a magnet in the bottom of each weapon.  I can still only field three at a time, but at least I can mix and match as necessary.

Well, thats all I have for now.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Cheers.