Robots – Sentry Guns and Drones


My first post after an extended hiatus is a new project area, Robots, and series of three different sentry guns and robot sentry drones.  I decided to create a new project area due to the range of different robot miniatures I have in my collection, both generic and specific to other project areas.  This post covers the automated sentry guns from James Cameron’s excellent movie Aliens (1986), a pair of heavy sentry guns from the miniatures game Trinity: Battleground from White Wolf, and a trio of generic robot sentry drones from Black Cat Bases. Lets start with the iconic sentry gun from Aliens.  These miniatures were produced by Leading Edge Games (LEG) under their licensed Aliens movie line in 1989.  Unfortunately, Leading Edge Games is no longer in business, and these miniatures can be difficult to find.  All of the sentry guns on this post have the same basic paint scheme.  Military style OD Green with black rubble/asphalt style basing.  That way I could use them for any near future, future, or post apocalyptic gaming.  Nothing fancy here.

sentry guns 01

Here we have a pair in close up to illustrate the detail, or lack there of.

sentry guns 02

For comparison, below is a snap from the movie Aliens.  As cool and forward leaning these sentry guns were, the scenes that featured them were ultimately cut from the theatrical release of the movie.

sentry guns movie

For fun, here is a cool image of the weapons system as featured on t-shirts available from

aliens sentry gun

,,, and of course a comparison shot with my 28mm vault hunter miniature.

sentry guns 03

The next pair of heavy sentry guns comes from the Trinity: Battleground miniatures game from White Wolf.  These miniatures were produced in 1997.  These miniatures are also unfortunately no longer in production.  Used in conjunction with the sentry guns above, these could be heavy plasma or laser weapons.  Something more fitting with their bulk and size.

sentry guns 04

… a comparison shot for scale in 28mm.

sentry guns 05

Last up is the trio of sentry gun drones from Black Cat Bases under their Robots miniatures line.  Unlike the previous miniatures, these wonderful bots are currently in production and can be purchased as Tracked Robots.  I decided to stick with the theme of armed bots and avoided the tracked robot without guns.

sentry guns 06

The obligatory size caparison shot.

sentry guns 07

… and one more with all three sentry gun types side by side.

sentry guns 08

Thank you for looking, and if all goes well more posts will follow on a semi-regular basis.  Cheers.

~ by Captain Apathy on July 3, 2013.

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